Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Rosalie gone fishing in Alaska

On June 29 Rosalie K. posted this report on Yahoo groups

CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who did the GRAND TOUR.

I'm writing from the NORTH POLE, ALASKA!!! Great Time, William and Rhey! Sub 12hours! EXCELLENT! How did Francis do on his triple doing the TRIPLE Century?

Keep COOL everyone. Wished I brought the warm weather with me cuz' I'm freezing my A-- off. Temps in the mid40s to high 55 degrees. I forgot my disposable chemical body warmers.

Yesterday, while hiking on a paved trail, I encountered (actually 15 ft away) a black bear climbing up a tree. WHEWWW. Forget Pepper Spray. Need BEAR SPRAY!

Saw a BEAVER making a dam and a hughe PORCUPINE climbing up a tree as well.

Kayaked all day today and saw lots of SALMON jumping out of the water and SEALS chasing after them. Also saw a few WHALES in the ocean.

MONDAY... Fishing for Halibut and Salmon..

TUESDAY... Biking all day north of Juneau.

WEDNESDAY... Biking half a day south of Juneau..

That's it for now.. I'll keep in touch during the middle of this week. Can't believe the sun is still up and it's already 11PM Pacific time, 10PM Alaska time.


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