Monday, June 8, 2009

Big GMR to Crystal Lake Post Ride Report by VPDocDennis.

The ride from Encanto Park to Crystal Lake was one of the best rides I've ever done. The view, friends, food, what else can you ask for? Thanks for sharing this route to our new initiates (me included). JJ, Tim Claudio, Julius and I endured our first GMR ride. It was certainly grueling, a true test of cycling. I can see why the Duarte Chapter likes to go this playground so much. The Giro d'Italia, Tour de France were rolled into this one ride. We felt like pros as the peloton zoomed downhill through the zig-zag roads at 35+ mph.
Kudos to Francis for the pre-ride sag by bringing sandwiches, Cliff Bar, Power Bar gels, fizzy pop. Kuya Ricky gave out some Cliff Bars. Jess and Juliet gave support with water, bananas, cookies along the route. The food and drinks kept as topped and kept us from bonking.
As Francis suggested, we should make this a monthly ride with Adobovelo. I most certainly agree. We need more Liberty Boys on this climb.
I had to cut my ride 5 miles short of Crystal Lake to make it to my son's recital in Whittier. I made it just in time. He just started his music as I entered with my camera in hand, whew! Took a couple of quick photos for proof. Louie N. accompanied me on the way back to Encanto Park to keep me from getting lost.
Can't wait to ride GMR again!