Sunday, February 14, 2010

Post-Ride Report by Vice-President Dennis Gorospe

It was a perfect riding day with 14 ADOBO Velos at the start line. Jonas and company brought another 8 friends with him including Marie Rose, an ultra long distance rider and triathelete too. Actual ride started at 7:45 am with temperature at 49 F which gradually warmed up to 80 F as the day progressed. Our group stayed together for most of the ride while catching faster groups along the way. Long trains of riders would pass zooming up to 48mph could not drop us (on the downhills). Banning and Eric from Banning's Bike also stayed with our group for most of the time.

After a slow grind on the first 15 miles, most of the ride is just rollers specially after the 25 mile marker. From there, Adobos really showed their stuff. Al "Cavendish", El "DiesEL", De"Olympian" were leading the attacks. After the 50 mile marker, another large peloton of over 50 cyclist cruised at 28 mph on the flat with headwind. We hung on to the peloton until we reached our own Adobevelo SAG stop at mile 68 with Banning & Eric and Company enjoying our Adobo hospitality. Thanks to my wife Frances and kids for providing Superfood drinks, water, fruits and snacks.

Total ride time with the whole group finished at 5 hours and 45 minutes. Actual end time was at 2:45 pm. Great job everyone! But check it out, Jun Usi had to go solo because of family commitments and started and 7:00 am and ended at 12:45, with SAG! You are a true ASTIG! We missed Jun at the post-ride BBQ.

Great ride overall with perfect weather, great friends and everyone finished with no injuries.

Day ended with BBQ at the Gorospe house in La Quinta with of Chicken Adobo as the main course, of course.

A warm welcome goes to new Adobovelo member Jesse from San Fernando Valley and congratulations on his first century ride. Congratulations to Louis Fernandez on his first "Official" Century ride. Riders who were present were: Victor C, El, Deo, Al V, Gil, Frank N, Jesse (SFV), Dennis G, Ryan, June Grape, Louie , Louis F, Julius, Jonas, Russell, Jun U. Sorry, no pictures of Jun Usi because he went solo.

Till next our next century ride...

Link to photos of TdPS below:

Dennis G.