Friday, August 22, 2008

Pinoy Pride racing this weekend at ADT Championships

We are inviting you to watch our Pinoy Pride race this weekend at ADT Championships. Former World Cup and international competitors Wilson Blas and Steve Pelaez will be at the velodrome to duke it out with other tracksters on the Time Trials, Keirins, Points Race, and Match Sprints (not confirmed).

I will try my luck on Sunday at the Match Sprints as I consider this as a tune-up race for Masters Nationals in 2 weeks. Bobbit from Arizona will be here with the ADOBO velos and may race also.

Steve together with his friend traveling from San Francisco will arrive Friday afternoon and will ride the track that same evening (6-9pm). I may stop by that night to meet them, then Saturday noon just to see whats going on..... part of the sprinter's mind game.

Our Olympian Deo Asuncion is also invited as our adviser.

Please spread the word out and bring your cameras....

Visit this link to see the event schedule:



Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rusty Paceline

Saturday's attendance was smaller than last week with less ADOBO Velo Jerseys visible. The expected summer heat and humidity was there but it didn't matter that much since we took the cooler route of Newport Beach. On the return trip passing through Bolsa Bay, the group was doing its normal paceline despite a breakaway. A tight pack formed and a not so balanced paceline brewed. Pacing off to the left was quicker than normal where it was tighter on the slower line. Unfortunately, Rhey’s front wheel rubbed into Tod's rear wheel, lost his balance and crashed. Aaron followed close behind with little or no room even on either side. He had no place to go but to crash into Rhey where he ended up tumbling to the ground onto the right lane. From my view heading back from about 100 feet at the front, our members protected Aaron by stopping an incoming vehicle. Aaron was very dizzy as he had a cracked helmet (no big dents or separation but it can't be trusted anymore). It took about a minute to get him to the side but still continued to lie down to recover. Rhey on the other hand skidded hard through the asphalt that his ADOBO Velo jersey and bib short were destroyed. His right thigh, wrist, and hand were bruised (maybe more). We were fortunate that there was no incoming traffic at the time of the crash. Their brake levers were tilted in and badly scratched from the impact, but were adjusted back and still useable. The worst part was Rhey's dropout and derailleur were badly bent and I think it’s unusable. His front wheel needs to be trued and needs a new handle bar tape (I think he was using black). Aaron rode back all the way to Liberty looking ok but Rhey decided to abandon the ride. Meanwhile, Ryan and I pedaled ahead looking for a drug store but the first one we saw was already about 15 minutes out! Knowing that Rhey needed a ride badly, the lead group pedaled fast back to Liberty so that Cyp can drive back to get Rhey. Frank and Dennis accompanied Rhey in the meantime. I'm just guilty for not being able to buy first aid supplies for Rhey while he waited and I think it’s because of the confusion. At that point in time, with half of the group dropped and scattered, the fast ride back of the lead group had that sense of emergency. The ride for the ones left behind was not the usual and was at a very slow pace expecting someone to catch up at relay some news.

Astig Rhey was disappointed that he might make a pass for his next double Century called the "Tour of 2 Lakes - Double Century Poker Run" scheduled for September 27. I think he was more bummed out that he will miss this Tuesday night Crit! To me, that comment alone meant he is still in good spirits! He’s going to rest it out for the next week or so as he is a strong cyclist anyway, take care of his wounds, and just check his damaged bike later.

In the meantime while they are healing, if there's anyone who can donate any type of Shimano 10-speed rear derailleur (he was using Ultegra), Rhey will very appreciative. He also needs some advice or help on how to get the dropout/hanger replaced or fixed. Same goes to Aaron for a replacement Giro helmet (I don't know what model). If you prefer, you can call or email them directly, just refer to our database. On the same note if no one can donate parts, maybe we can chip in for their first aid kit expenses and possibly for the parts they need.

To Aaron and Rhey, if you need medical help, don't hesitate to make an appointment! Aaron told me he's with Kaiser but was not able to ask what Rhey's.

Our heroes.... the whole group but noticeably Cyp, Dennis, and Frank! Thanks for all your help!