Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Arden's ride w/ MMCC June 29 San Diego

Two days following his brutal keirin training, Arden had a “social” ride with our good friends from MMCC.

His lungs were still burning a day after, the night when Pacquiao won a title fight. Saturday, he arrived at the meeting place at 7AM, almost everyone was ready! The route was flavor # 3, one of their best routes:

  • Del Dios / Pomerado Road,
  • 45 miles, Level 4
  • Open roads, big rolling hills, perfect rest area
  • Mira Mesa to El Camino, via Del Dios
  • Return via Pomerado / Scripps

After about 10 miles into the ride, Ness unfortunately broke his chain. Agent Al and Raffy rode back and got the chain reconnected in a short time!

Then on the 2-mile climb on Del Dios, Raffy came from far behind, passed Arden, and caught the leader!

Arden lost count on the number of hills. No wonder those MMCC Orange Boys do well in the TdFs. They are mountain goats.

They had to go on the Freeway to cross a bridge. When they got close to Mira Mesa, most of them went their own ways to go straight home. That ride was almost 50 miles and 4 hours total.

At one time Arden clocked 46 MPH on one of the descents. And near the end of the ride, during a furious downhill his front wheel oscillated badly while braking hard and pads where screeching. Throughout the route, they would tell Arden what's on the next turn, which helped him tremendously.

They were very interested on our routes, Tour de Francis, weekend rides, and curious about track racing. Arden told them they are always welcome to ride with us. They also asked Arden to relay to Adobos the open invitation to their rides too! And finally, Arden got to visit Sammy’s home before heading back! “Thanks to Sammy and MMCC!” wrote Arden in his post.

(Material provided by Arden. Edited by MG)

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