Monday, December 22, 2008

ADOBO Velo's 2008 Christmas Party

Talking about another successful ADOBO Velo Christmas Party! Third time and still getting better! New faces and more families took part of the festivities. Lots of delicious food where brought in by the Uyan Family, Borillo Family, and from all other members and their families! We had some donations for the party expenses and also for the raffle prizes from Irving family, Francis, Wilson F., and from a few more members. Thank you for your generosity! Thanks again to Agimat for finding a really nice venue. Before the feast started, Moderator Arden gave an intro speech summarizing some of the amazing accomplishments the club had for the past year. He introduced our founding fathers of Fil-Am cycling, our officers, the creators of ADOBO Velo, mentioned names of new members and December B-day boys!

Raffle tickets were being sold fast throughout the day! You can see how busy El Prez was... he was also responsible for signing and framing all 13 certificates and big smiles at all photo shots! Yes, we made him work, hard! And he did without any regrets!

Below is a pic of Richard, Ike, Wilson F., Lito A., and Deo enjoying the festivities.

Later that afternoon, El Prez Jesse and Vice Egay presented Certificates of Appreciations to Manny for his art logos and designs used in the website and the new ADOBOkits, Mandy Genato for the creation of the website and blogspots, Rosalie Kneebone for the numerous help she gave to the club and for being a great moderator, Ryan Roldan for taking care of our financial matters, and Arden. The efforts they gave were noticeable and elevated the club to the next level.

Later, they presented Certificates of Accomplishments to Francis Ignacio for his Furnace Creek 508 finish, Rosalie Kneebone for her first time competing at Fargo Hill Climb with a new unbeatable record, William Aligue for completing three double centuries this year earning him the California Triple Crown, Rhey Abad for first Double Century, and Arden Arindaeng for his accomplishments in track competitions.

Here's Francis (above, left) receiving his Certificate of Accomplishment together with the Los Brutos Chapter aka Fabulous 5 for his Furnace Creek 508 Challenge. Below is Rhey Abad receiving his Certificate of Accomplishment for finishing his first double century.

Some cash, TdF shirts and gift certificates where also presented to the deserving members and friends! Below is Juliet Agressor receiving a token of appreciation for all the assistance she gave at all Tour de Francis stages.

The festivities went on and the much awaited awards was being anticipated and then the drum rolls!

The Most Improved Rider for 2008 was awarded to Ed Morente.

The Best Attitude Rider for 2008 was awarded to Arnold 'Kapatid' Irving.

And ADOBO Velo's Cyclist of the Year was convincingly awarded to William 'Legstrong' Aligue!

The awardees were voted by the members and were submitted to Jesse and Egay for their stamp their approval. Thank you Egay for making those beautiful certificates! Nice work there too, El Prez!

White Elephant game followed shortly as more smiles were seen from the participants! There were lots of food left and were later divided up to be brought home as it was getting late that afternoon. Not to mention that it was also getting colder!

Overall, it was another successful big event for the ADOBO Velos as we look forward for year 2009 and beyond. Thank you and we wish you all a safe and joyous holiday!

MoorPark- PortHueneme- PCH Malibu- Latigo Cyn- Mulholland

It was 33 degrees when be started at 6:40AM. The double-century aspirants were out for a training ride to "get tough". It was just the 3 of us: Rosalie (Darna), Manny, and me. (Victor called in sick from the ER that very morning due to vomiting; We found out later he has kidney stones ; Hope he gets better soon so he can resume training for the double century on February 28).
We met Filipino Filipe riding his Schwinn w Terry Cloth Soft Saddle
Our Route yesterday copied the L.A. Wheelman's Grand Tour Lite, except we started in MOOR PARK instead of PCH Malibu. That means that the monster LATIGO CYN RD 10-mile climb will have to be tackled at Mile # 60 with tired legs, instead of at Mile #4 with fresh legs if we had started from Malibu.

It's a great route, esp. in the morning with no traffic. We went through a lot of hills at Moorpark, then through Camarillo, then Pleasant Valley Road for 10 miles on the way to Channel Islands and Port Hueneme (mile # 30) where we had a bathroom break and photo-opp. It was 50 degrees at 9:30am. Then to PCH on the way to Latigo Cyn in Malibu. Along the way we stopped as the restaurant Neptune Net to refill on water and eat our sandwiches (I made chicken sandwich for Rosalie and Me, and seafood salad sandwich for Manny since he's a vegetarian.)We encountered stiff headwinds along PCH. And there were a few rollers. I was already pooped. Rosalie and Manny had to slow down and wait for me. I was thinking "wala pang Latigo Cyn, todas na ako sa PCH".At mile # 60 we started to climb Latigo Cyn, a 10-mile climb. It was now 62 degrees. That climb has a LOT of 10% and 12% grades. Mostly it's 7-9%, and a few 2-5% here and there. To me it seemed harder than Big GMR or Small GMR. Manny and Rosalie did fine; I got dropped in the beginning and suffered alone (no Victor to ride w/ me).

Finally I got to the bottom of Latigo Mile # 70) where Darna and Manny were waiting for me for 25 mins. It was already 2 PM and we were still in the middle of the Sta Monica mountains, we still had 50 miles to go with lots of climbing !!! We had no lights.

So we had no choice but to shorten the route. We skipped Potrero and Santa Rosa. But there were still a lot of hills along the way: Mullholland, Westlake, and Moorpark Blv. It was survival mode for me, but Darna and Manny were still fresh since they had to slow down to my "Group C" pace.
We got to the parking lot at around 3:30 PM. We did 95 miles, with 5,500 feet of climbing. Darna and Manny were still good to go for another 30 miles, if only it wasn't dark. If they did their own "Group A or B" pace and not have to wait up for me they could have finished the 120 miles in time. But they had a no-drop policy.
It's a great route. Next time we'll skip going to Port Hueneme (roads too dusty and busy), and instead from Pleasant Valley take Las Posas down to PCH.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tour de Francis V Stage 4 Century Ride Report

What more can we ask for in a century ride? Besides an amazing route, refueling stops were ready to serve, great post ride food fest, and the great weather! Turn out was about the same as last year but we still missed some of our friends. Here's Emre getting ready for the start!

As expected, the first climb at Lake Hughes Road stretched the pack that became the sight all the way out to Elizabeth Lake, to Quail Lake and back to Castaic. Here's a pic from the lead group with Raffy of MMCC sitting wisely at the back.

Later followed by Pete and more MMCCs..

Volunteer SAG crews were busy at work from roving, giving directions, and making sure food were ready at each of the designated stops. Two unfortunate mechanicals happened at the first 25 mile, a broken chain and a broken spoke. So one abandoned and the other one had a replaced wheel. Some riders made a return trip but a lot continued on to Quail Lake, more than last year. This is because of the better weather. Arm warmers and jackets became an option as some participants handed them to the SAG crews. Here's a pic of Legstrong and his ADOBO Velo comrads at Quail Lake SAG Stop...

Below, friends from San Fernando Valley Bicycle Club taking some precious break also at Quail Lake SAG Stop.

Steve of Sta Barbara was the first one to arrived at around 1:30pm and got his souvenir TdF shirt!

Deo came in a few minutes later with that contented smile!

All the food where warmed up and devoured. Souvenir shirts were being bought. Donations were pouring in. Masseuse busy at work till dark. Stories being told and new friends were being made.

Overall, another successful Tour de Francis! Everyone got punished by Director Francis as they enjoyed the whole day of festivities as much as the volunteers. Thank you all for making this a special day. We hope to see you all again next year!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Inaugural TDR (Tour de Rosalie)

Rosalie said: "Whatever the weatherman says, don't believe it!"

Almost a year ago the inaugural ride was cancelled because the weatherman said "RAIN", but it didn't rain. So today Rosalie was persuasive: Many riders wanted to call it off. But despite solid predictions of rain, Rosalie insisted, "Let's go boys! What, you afraid of a little sprinkle?"

And so we went. Sure enough, just half an hour into the ride, it poured like Noah's biblical deluge. And it was great fun.

But the thing is, you have to wonder why no "De Rosa" bikes showed up, despite the ride being named for De Rosa owners. So we got hold of a De Rosa "Owner's Manual", and found this entry on Page 17: "Dear De Rosa Owner: Thank you for purchasing one of the finest bikes in thw world, with a rich history. But do not ride it in the rain! It will melt. PS: Don't tell anyone."

OK... Just kidding.

Anyway, today you needed a snorkel to get through the ride. It poured, then stopped, then repeated. We quickly got used to it. "Pour it on!"

In the "END", as Mang El wrote... " The ride was one of those special rides (wet & soaked), but I believe all of us enjoyed it. Overall, the ride turned to be as expected but the rain. Lunch!!! Ssorry for those who didn't go. The food was catered & very very good for hungry riders."

With all the rain, you'd think we'd get a photo of it. . Over 600 photographs were snapped today. Regrettably, there's not one single photograph of the ferocious thunderstorms blanketing the riders. But here's a great shot of the dark skies pregnant with water, ready to come down anytime.

It was awesome. We got soaked to the bone. And got "road spray" on our faces and bikes, as if being dunked in a lake and rolled in sand.

The ride started at Rosalie's hometown, Moorpark. Start point was MILLER PARK, on top of a hill at Miller Parkway. The route was 60 Miles long, with 4,800 feet of climbing.

The excellent SAG crew consisted of Rosalie, Vince Pacheco, Barbara (Rosalie's neighbor), and Ricky Herrera. Rosalie's twin sister was also there for the first few miles, but had to go somewhere soon.

The route featured the great "horse-back" roads of Moorpark and surrounding rural land; The impressive winding road of Grimes Canyon Rd; The awesome Balcom Canyon (20% gradient) which is a Tour-of-California favorite; The Reagan Library situated on a hilltop; And just for fun a steep climb on McGrea (their version of our own Punta del Este in Hacienda Heights ).

We were welcomed by the wonderful locals (Rosalie's great neighbors and friends).

Jennifer, Edwin, Mat, Stan, Barbara

As usual, the ritual at the parking lot is always humorous.

And off we go

"This is gonna be fun"

Balcom Cyn was a "hit". Yeah, it hit the riders in the face.

William took the summit, followed closely by Ramon. What Animals! The rain gave it a greater degree of difficulty.

The heavy thunderstorm (the kind with really big drops and no space between the drops) came down at Balcom Canyon. It made the ride very interesting.

William "Legstrong" observed that "the adobovelos are doing their homework. Everyone was riding strong, attacking those hills and even on the flats."

The rain poured again at the rest stop at Alliance Gas Station (mile # 30).

We took shelter at the store (which got good business from us on coffee). Riders shivered terribly you'd think they were "dancing" Good thing Barbara had brought a lot of beach towels and blankets.

Even Mang El wrote: " Going down hill was another exerience. I was cold but my body heat was still working. Later along the way we stopped at a gas station where we waited for everyone, and decided to cut our ride short. At that time my body heater was getting weaker. I started feeling the cold, even the coffee almost didn't help."

(Please end this misery)

People started to mutter about cutting the ride short (our cars were parked just 2 miles from the rest-stop). Rosalie the Iron Butt-erfly would have none of it. She runs a stern ship, with a smile. The rain abated somewhat. "Let's go boys and girls" she said. She can be persuasive.

And off we went. Again.

Next was The Reagan Library, a 1-mile climb with 9% grades and great views.

We got refreshments there from the support crew.

And oxygen-recovery from the freshly-scrubbed air in the hills of Reagan Library

Then Mc Grea (their version of Punta Del Este).

Here they are at the summit of McGrea.

Then it was back to the park, and a hefty lunch, care of Rosalie.

William posted that "We had fun in spite of the heavy rain. The best part of it is, we were able to finish the ride without any accident. The rain was pouring hard and the road was so slippery but we managed to ride it safely."

All in all, a great inaugural ride. Great job Rosalie!
Ride courtesy of Rosalie. Thanks to volunteers and riders.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

TdFrancis Mt. Baldy Ski-lift Post Ride Report

From Reggie Ignacio (mmcc):
I hope everybody had great time doing the ride, because The Orange Train of MMCC certainly did! Again Francis, out heartful thanks and kudos to ADOBO family.Maraming Salamat!!

From Sammy E (mmcc):
bossing, francis., maraming salamat po. we have a great time

Victor (adobovelo):
DNF, about 3 miles short. Had a good time anyways. Thanks to Francis and the SAG crew

From Reggie Ferraz (santa clarita velo):
Thank you again for the wonderful ride (ride sa sag pala...hehehehe) . As well as to Mandy, Rick, Allan and Manolito for their help and company. Thanks Arden keeping my stuff.
We had a great time as usual. See you in Santa Clarita next month.

From Mang El (adobovelo):
The early morning woke me up & didn't feel riding (cold weather & few hours sleep) but this only happens once & in the area where I was very familiar with so I got up & started. I opened my garage & started pumping my tires & found out that my rear tire got cut so I changed with no hurry. I got to the park (Encanto) by 7:50a & oh boy, no more' s not like those sunday morning rides that guys call me up just to find out if I'll be riding & etc. I started slowly & did my usual rythym. Toward Glendora along SierraMadre, here comes Arden, honked behind me, ur late! & later asked me if I want to hold on to catch up with the group... I told him to go ahead & I'll be there.....At GMR I started passing guys which motivates me to kept on going on my set up speed control 7-9mph thru my invisible speedometer/ computer. When I reached to the top of GMR... I saw the group having a break (chat-chating) & when I was just about to stop, I heard" 2 minutes to go" so I just kept on pedaling. Later, riders were catching up with me, passing one at a time.. I knew it...MMCC guys were in the front with a gap then followed with mixed riders.. I can't remember who is who but later I joined with the riders...... my finger tips started feeling numb. Few miles away to MtBaldy I stopped & put my wind breaker on. Still cold...but helps. When we got to the post office I felt relieve... here I decided to set up my speed control again. While riding, I kept thinking that there are lots of easier course but Francis I think, he wants us to feel the pain that he suffered even just a part of it when he did the 508 rides. Now you tasted the samples of what he went thru... & that's nothing to compare.
Me too......mucho gracias for the torture/punishment especially the last 300 yards...
The only thing that makes me kept on riding was when I saw riders in front of me taking off from their bikes & started walking, I kept thinking, must be that hard & steep or they may be out of gear..On our way down from the ski lift area I was too cold. My bike started vibrating like, everything came loose. My frame, fork & wheels started flexing that all I did was pulling my brake lever to slow me down or I felt crashing. Coming back from MtBaldy was nice except most riders left us behind descending from the ski lift area. When we got to GMR... it became normal & routine.
Thank you Francis & the Sags group. You made us all comfortable riding safely. Thank you for the hospitality & food that was offered..... thank you all for the company especially MMCC riders that made this ride faster. See you all again later....... .....

From Arden (adobovelo SAG):
I was the last SAG vehicle up GMR as I got lost looking for Sierra Madre Road but the first one to leave as my exitement and caffeine filled belly triggering my gas pedal. As I got back on track, I saw a cyclist from a distance... then with an ADOBO Velo jersey with pretty good cadence. Got a little bit closer and noticed that it was Mang El! I wanted him to hold on to the car door so that he can catch up with the group but he insisted. I insisted also as I waited around. Mind you that was still about 2-3 miles before turning left to GMR. Once the climb started I saw a few TdF cyclists about half a mile ahead and from that point on I knew for sure that El will be able to catch up. As I continued on passing everyone else, I noticed that the peloton was stretched out for about 2 miles. I guess hunting season was on also since there were a lot of hunters with their rifles, their pickup trucks and reflective vests on. They were just standing at the side of the road looking down the cliffs (or hills). Not huinting for mountain goats like you all but for somethng else, they just became our spectators! I think they actually started to watch all the cyclists since there were more than the usual. I didn't realize how quiet and peaceful GMR can be, so quiet that you can hear tire traction even as riders passby. A couple of repaired flats and a full blast of music from a radio station fading fast. There was a moment that I have to leave it on a Mexican station with an upbeat song. At least that made the cyclists around make their pain secondary. That hill up to the ski lift was something ha! Its been along time since I saw a cyslist surrender from a brutal climb. As the tour headed back, there was nothing for the SAG crew to do, just be the sweeper and be ready to help. Got back to park later, hungry and ready to chow down. I was surprised that Francis had to leave to get more food! I have a feeling that he didn't expect it to be a lot of people (I think Mandy counted somewhere around 65 not including the SAG Crew). Another good sign that TdF is now being marked in everyone's calendar and that the word is out. Francis, Mandy and everyone else who organized this stage like the other TdFs did a fantastic job.... scouting the route, extra route sheets, food stops, orange cones, bananas, extra jackets, lots of drinks, jugs of water, salted vinegar chips, ADOBO, etc... The Ignacio Kids where wonderful too! As for my daughter's box of See's Chocolate Bars, she is very happy that it was all sold out! She wanted to thank you for making her job easier begging people to buy some. The money collected from it will be used for their upcoming choir competition. Overall, even if this route was being frequent by the mountain goats of ADOBO Velo, its still a very nice and challenging route that would make everyone go back for more again and again. It just makes me wonder when did GMR start for Los Angeles cycling? If you ask me to rate this stage, this is a 5-star stage. I think all your stages are 5-star in their own way!! Did you realize, MMCC came out in force yesterday?! What does that tell you? Fyi, others made donations too! My lesson for being a SAG Crew: bring tools to include screw drivers, bring extra tires and tubes, MP3 or music CDs, jackets for those who needs it and maybe have a bike rack attached just in case. Maybe I can borrow that from someone. Even when my legs were itching to pedal, I still had a great day! I think everyone else did too despite Francis' punishment that we all enjoy... And we hope our new members felt the same that they will be back for more and become regulars!
From Rosalie (adobovelo):
It was AWESOME to have the TdF on the backgrounds of the DUARTE CHAPTER. Every Sunday, up and down GMR GRR and BALDY.Originally Francis planned on having Stage 3 at TRONA 100 miles with10miles average of 10-12% gradient ascend YIKES!!, part of the FurnaceCreek 508. While training for his 508, Pete and him decided to go toMt.Baldy Ski-Lift. It had been awhile since Francis climbed up there.They both thought, "Damn, this is tough" Francis light bulb lit up on his head and decided and talked amongs the Duarte gang to have the Stage 3 from Encanto to the Ski-lift. Well thought out since it'sLOCAL. Nobody had to drive over 200miles. Well except for the MMCC. With that being said, Thank you Francis and his kids and to all the SAG Crew for a JOB well done AGAIN with keeping us SAFE, well ORGANIZED and well NOURISHED during our endless climb to the Ski-Lift.. We were blessed to not have that severe GUSTY WINDs that was supposively expected on that day. YES, it was bitter Cold, but tolerable. Thanks to MANDY(adobovelo) and PONCE(mmcc) for taking AWESOME pictures of the ride.. Until the next TdF, what Legstrong would say, KEEP ON CLIMBING!!!
From Regina (Los Brutos SAG):
we had about 65 riders signed up to do the ride. everyone met at encanto park in duarte around 7am. the morning was a bit nippy. all riders were bundled up. start time was at 7:30am filipino time.this was the first time i had driven up gmr. i'm so used to cycling it. i can't believe i climb that much on the bicycle! first sag stop was at the saddle (top of gmr). francis kept the first arrivals longer so we wouldn't have such a large gap in riders.the drive from the saddle to mt. baldy village was scenic, but the road was windy and narrow with no divider line. i'm glad all the riders made through there to the secvillage ond sag stop was at mt. baldy village. this is where all riders would need to prep for the brutal climb to the ski lifts. rosalie mentioned that at the stop, the grade was already 10%-12%! it was about another 4 miles to the summit, but it will prove to be quite a challenge after being cooked from the earlier part of the i approached the summit, i could see riders walking their bikes, zig zagging, and suffering to the top. i'm so glad i wasn't out there suffering like they were. these are some strong ass riders!the summit was at mt. baldy ski lifts. the weather at the summit was deceiving because it was really sunny, but the breeze and temperature was cold! riders were keeping warm on the hoods of the sag cars covered in blankets and jackets. there was a little frenzy about locating newspapers for the descent. although we didn't have any, everyone was able to make it down just fine without the extra insulation.on the descent back to encanto park, all the sag cars leap frogged to make sure the riders were okay. at one point on the descent from gmr, i saw vertical bob climbing up again! he's hard core!everyone made it to encanto park in one piece. the grub was set up for all the riders. adobo chicken, salad, seafood pasta, rice, and more!i had a great time sagging! congratulations to all the riders for showing up and taking on such a brutal ride! hope to see you all on the next tour de francis!
From Albert (adobovelo):
Thank you to all the TDF volunteers for a great and beautiful ride. As always, well-organized, plenty of food and liquids, lots of personal attention, and most important - safety. Kudos to Francis, Nikki, and MJ Ignacio, Mandy Genato (and his many talents: photographer, rider identification and checklist, SAG driver and mechanic, comedy team with Ricky), Ricky Herrera (SAG driver and mechanic, other half of comedy team, food and liquids), Regina Chow, Arden Arindaeng and Manolito Dionisio (who I also saw unexpectedly Sunday night at Kaiser). Saturday was a personal milestone for me - my first TDF ride, having sagged only on other TDF rides. Even if I didn't complete it, it was still a great experience

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Congratulations Francis' "508" Finisher

THANK YOU!!!! From Francis:
The Ignacio Family would like to thank the Fab Five or the tremendous job in the Furnace Creek 508: Alan Mesarra, Vince Pacheco, Mandy Genato, Ricky Herrera & Imre Udvardy. These guys kept me safe, sane and seated in the bike for 42:09 hours. Awesome support team. Priceless.Many thanks also to Mr. Dennis Evangelista for providing the magnetic signs. Everybody were impressed by the professional look of the team van. Great job Dennis. Thank you to the Adobo family, Brutos, MMCC & Reggie Ferraz for the moral support and enthusiam, specially to Ms. Darna for staying up late for updates throughout the race. Thank you, until next year. Francis.

From Ryan:
Seems like Francis did it again... Congrats to Francis and crew for a well deserving finish.

From Rosalie:

From Richard:
CONGRATULATIONS! !!You are one heck of a rider
From Arden:
Congratulations! Is this a new personal best time? I think it is!

From Luis Pita:
Congratulations Francis! You're are a strong rider.

From Reggie Ignacio:
Way to go Francis!! Congrats from MMCC.

From Ben:
can we clone this guy? i don't think the word 'pain' even exist on you pare... congratulations, job well done and to fab five as well!

From Egay:
Great Job!!! Francis!!! You are the Mannn!!!!

From Arnold:
A great job to Francis and team you all are the best.

From Pid:
Keep on the good write up about the 508. Congratulations to Francis!...and to the support crew.

From Gil:
What a great looking group of guys on the top page...!Congratulations - Francis;You' re an 'ANIMAL!!!.. .'Cheers! The beer man (gil)...

From Ed Morente:
That's just AMAZING! Congratulations Francis, and thanks to your A-1 crew.All day Sunday I kept thinking "Francis is still riding his bike right now!" AMAZING!

From Legstrong:
Congratulations to Francis and to all the crew. Job well done!Francis, you are tha MAN

From Mang El:
Of course, Francis is the only tough/hard/astig among the Adobovelo kids. I satule you Francis.. I love bike riding but the most I did was 200miles with you & just to imagine what you did, even to ride 24 hours, I may not even last. You said last year that you won't do it again (big frustration) but you forgot the torture & punishment you experienced. Once more you proved it to us, 509 miles in one shot. Congratulations Francis, that's a good challence & a big accomplishment.
From Louie Rivera:
CAN WE CALL YOU "OVERACHIEVER" ? ASTIG KA TALAGA and it has to be mind and body, agreed?