Thursday, April 9, 2009

ADOBO Velos swarming and snaking up Fargo Hill Climb!

Last March 15, a few of our ADOBO Velos participated in this extreme event. Few members showed up to witness the event and cheered our fellow riders snake up this steep climb. Oh, that pic above, that was Manny Amit doing a STRAIGHT climb... IMPOSSIBLE! To add to the craziness, Astig Elardi up’ed the pressure with some cash bonuses. Here's Willliam mixing it up with the other participants...
Here’s El's post at the Yahoo Group... To all members of the ADOBO Velo gang that will make to the top of Fargo Hill Street today will WIN $5 from me. And to those that may climb more than 5 times may have a bonus of a dollar per climb. This is just for fun and to challenge our riders. Wish you all the luck!!! Be cautious!!
Naturally, my sprinting fingers started typing to clear up what he just posted: Wow, El! You are giving good incentives for our aspirants! Thank you! When you say win, is it as winning with the most number of climbs of an ADOBO Velo in the event, or the most number of climb between a participating ADOBO Velos only. Good luck to all FHC participants!!!!
So that morning came. Cyclists of all kinds climbing the steepest street of LA. Above is Jesse Agrezor snaking up the steep street with his full ADOBOkit, as a first timer and eventually the 2nd place finisher! Spectators where cheering, more ADOBO Velo jersey’s snaking up the road, and Time Warner reporters interviewing and creating a story of the event. You will see this pic in action from their video.
It seemed like the cheers from the spectators were loud enough to irritate the neighborhood, so the cops where called in and they eventually stopped the event at around noon. Where's the noisy crowd you might ask? Well, more likely at the top and at the bottom of the street. Rude crowd I tell you! As you can see Francis, his kids, and Rosalie trying hard to look innocent! And the cops looking serious and thinking of what they should do. And still in disbelief like this doesn't happen every year!
If the event wasn’t stopped by the LA's Finest , the number of climbs could have been higher!

Here’s the results:
Rosalie Kneebone- 16 climbs (1st place, New Women’s Record)
Doug Kubler 30 climbs - 1st place
Jesse Agrezor- 26 climbs (2nd place, ADOBO Velo, ASTIG Ride)
William Aligue- 23 climbs (3rd place, ADOBO Velo, 2008 CoTY)
Pete Primavera- 19 climbs (4th place, ADOBO Velo)
Steve Gilmore 11 climbs (record holder of 101 crazy climbs). Looks like he was conserving for the afternoon but cut short!
Alain Giaimo (Santa Clarita Velo) - 7 climbs on his road bike
Gerard Gabrang- 3 climbs
Manny Amit- 2 climbs
Mandy Genato- 1 climb (3rd place but in a different category!)
Lito Aralar - Climbed 3/4 of the distance and attempted many times.

And our spectators: Dennis Evangelista, Mary Raffety and friends, Jun Usi and family, Jun Grape, Juliet Agrezor, Cookie, Manolito, Wilson Blas, Elardi, Santa Clarita Velo riders and family, San Fernando Valley Bike Club, Dock Riders Bike Club, LA Wheelmen and much more.

As expected, Mang El’s post days before triggered some replies and here’s one from Rosalie who mentally prepared for this event… “Mang El... I think you will go broke...but you’re lucky because the cops came and stopped the Fargo Hill Climb Challenge, boohooo!"

Naturally, thanks to our spotters. Dennis, Manolito and Pete for helping our mountain goats!

Here’s a post event report copied from LA Wheelmen’s Fargo Hill webpage…

It's only one block long, but Fargo Street, with its 32% grade, equals the steepest street incline in Los Angeles. Our annual event challenges all comers to see if they can make it up on a bike, and if so, how many times in one day. Here are the 2009 results:

60 riders signed up, 46 riders completed the climb.
Oldest Rider: Doug Kubler at 64 climbs. (Is that a typo?)
Youngest Rider: Andrew Karnes at 12 climbs.
New woman's record: Rosalie Kneebone at 16 climbs.
Most climbs: Doug Kubler at 30 climbs.

In 2008, Steve Gilmore set the men's record of 101 ascents, which took him 9 hours.
Rosalie Kneebone's 16 this year is the women's record, surpassing her 12 in 2008.

Could have been a goal of 22 climbs if the event wasn’t stopped!

Here's some nostalgia and great mechanical engineering!As part of the plan and since this event was also tagged as Tour De Francis VI Stage 1 by our TdF Director Francis Ignacio, the opportunity was made to have a fundraising event for Dennis Evangelista as he will be participating at the Aids/Lifecycle 7-day 545-mile ride from SF to LA this coming May 31 to June 6. We hope for the best, Dennis! There will be plans to escort him on his last day of the ride. Website:

So to add insult to injury since the event was stopped, El Prez was asking who called the cops! As far as everyone knows, we think El did.... so he can lessen the give-away cash!

So with the event done, the praises followed immediately. I tell you, if not for the power of the internet, we won’t be able to gather up a story like this!

Henry posted this as a FARSTOP! (Changed “Far-go” to “Far-stop”) and was also encouraging everyone to Turnbull for a different version of FHC. Yup, we’ve been there and that’s a tough one! You can actually flip backwards too if you pull on your handlebar too much.

From Ryan... I prepared my mtb, even changed it with sleek tires for Fargo Hill Climb but woke up at 3 in the morning with terrible knee pains. I wanted to go but I knew I won’t be able to ride. I can’t even walk up that hill so I decided to stay home. Anyway, congrats to those who tackled this grueling height.

From Fixie Gil… 16X!!! AWESOME!!! Congratulations 'Adobo Chick' and all the Adobo Velos!!!
From Dong…Congrats to each participating Adobo Velos! For future reference, what gears did you use? “Granniest gears you have... MTB with 22x34t is what I used”, said Darna. I think she meant chainring at 22t and 34t for the cog!!

Fargo Hill Webpage:

Photo and videos by Mary Raffety:

Pics from Dan Wyman:
Dan, I used some of your photos. I hope you don't mind. Thanks.
And the video from Time Warner. You'll see the ADOBO Velos snake up this %$#@^p road!

You can also check our Picasaweb album for photos and Jesse’s you tube for videos. There’s probably more posted in the web somewhere so just keep checking.
Now I wonder about El's payout. So there's a win from Rosalie (ca-ching) and a little less than hundred total climbs from all ... so that totals to... (ca-ching, ca-ching... ca-ching) Hey, that's some money! Balato naman d'yan!
Thanks and happy climbing!

- Arden (The no- show!)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 3rd Double Century that Rosalie earned for the right to be a 2009 California Triple Crown Cyclist!

Winners of the prestigious California Triple Crown are the elite long distance bicyclists in California since they have completed at least three Double Centuries in the calendar year. Each of the rides is a major adventure in itself and are among the best rides you'll find anywhere in America!! And at this early part of the year, Rosalie finished the first three double centuries strong: Camino Real, Death Valley Double Centuries, and then this, Solvang Spring Double Century (beginning excerpts taken from CA Triple Crown website)

- Congratulation to Rosalie for an impressive finish at the Solvang Spring Double Century in 13:30 and rolling time of 11:45. Wow... Thank you to F.A.C.T for escorting Ms. Darna to her Triple Crown finish. Lipad Darna lipad. Francis I.

- Simply AMAZING!!!! That is one (X3) super accomplishment. Only 3 months into the year! WOW. Congratulations again. Frank N.

- That is absolutely SUPER! Great Job Rosalie Darna! My Hero! Ed M.

- KILLER!!!...Lipad high and don't look back! Great job Rosalie! You are our hero, Darna!... Gil

- Yes Rosalie, congrats once again your the BEST it looks like it's going to be a year of many accomplishments for u, (u go girl). Arnold I.

- Congratulations, Rosalie! You are one heckuva cyclist - wish you more laurels to come! Albert J.

- This is the earliest in the year to earn a Triple Crown! Well deserved, Darna! That goal was reached because of your determination. There's still another 9 months before the X'mas Party, do I smell COTY already!? What you did was amazing and should be recognized by California Cycling and the rest of the Pinoy cycling here, back in the Philippines, and the WORLD! Congratulations! Arden

Here's Rosalie’s Solvang Spring Double Ride Report:

Thanks everyone!!! I can't believe it myself!! If I didn't ride with F.A.C.T / Fresno Cycling Club members, Tito Geronimo, Vince (F.A.C.T President), Tom, occasionally w/ Mr. Q. (F.C.C. President) and Tom, I would still be out there in the dark. It was Tito and Tom's first Double.

Got to the start at 4:45 am. I looked at everyone to see if I knew some familiar faces. I saw 2 guys who looked Filipino wearing Fresno Cycling Club Jerseys. Went up to them and asked them "Are you Filipinos?" They said yes, and I introduced myself being with the ADOBO Velo and the only one riding the double. One guy asked me, "So is your group coming up to do the Fresno Ride next weekend, did you get the email I sent to your group?". A light bulb flashed on my head, I asked "Wait, are you Tito Geronimo?" He said yes! He then introduced me to Dr. Vince, President of FACT who by the way pulled the group 85% of the time. Dang Fast Pull, I had my share of pulling as well.
The weather was great and the SAG support was excellent. They didn't run out of food nor beverages. The weather was fantastic, cold start but sunny comfortable all day long 60-70 degrees.

I saw Keith Brodsky pull in at mile 120 (lunch stop). He started at 7:30 am (for time) with other haul ass riders. He came up to where we were sitting and said "hi!". He downed a regular coke, picked up a subway sandwich and other goodies, stuffed it in his jersey while eyeing other riders who rode with him and then they all took off. Five fast minutes of refueling. I also saw Steve Gilmore, 101 Fargo Hill Climb record holder. Saw him also at the El Camino Real Double, Fargo and now Solvang Double. Saw Alain Gaimo of Santa Clarita Velo before the last SAG stop mile 177. He tapped my shoulder as he passed by and I yelled "GIAMO!!!" I forgot his first name for a second and then yelled out "GO ALAIN!!" He was riding alone going for time as well. Dang, fast rider!

I was looking forward to the cup o noodle at the last sag stop. They had it but they didn't prepare it because they were saving it for the night riders. The sun was still high and it was still fairly warm, so another peanut butter jelly (4th one) for me. The last 5 miles was fast and furious. Fast descend on drum canyon all the way to Buellton. Legs felt great excited the ride was coming to an end. My eyes welled up with tears knowing it's my 3-PEAT DOUBLE and a California Trip Crown FINISHER... Now I know how William felt from his last years 3-PEAT DOUBLE. I was so excited I even sprinted to the finish at 6:30 pm.
The sun was still high and I can't believe I had to haul my 2 headlights I didn't use and one battery, plus bars and gels I didn't eat that was in my High Tail (saddle bag) .. LESSON LEARNED… Don't bring too much food. I didn't know that all SAG support will be fully stocked.
After the ride, The guys and their wives invited me for dinner at AJ Saloon Steak House. SIRLOIN STEAKS for everyone. We reminisced the ride and celebrated Tito and his wife Leila's Anniversary.

Total time -13 hrs 30 mins
Rolling time - 11 hrs 45 mins

Until the next DOUBLE (2 more) .... KOM CHALLENGE… Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 28,2009 Death Valley Spring Double Century Ride Report

Rosalie's 2nd double century...

Our Friday went like this, while Francis dragged the guys, Kuya Ricky, Vince and Manny at 5:45am to drive to Trona Death Valley for their Century Ride supported by Francis himself, Pete and I carpooled and left at 9:30am to go sightseeing at the ghost town of Rhyolite in Death Valley. The view of the valley in Beatty was incredibly clear.. The drive to the road leading to the Goldwell Air Show Museum was about 1/2 a mile away from the highway. It gave a sense of time warp, back in the cowboy era, like the movie "the good, the bad and the ugly". Reality hit me when I saw a few cars driving the opposite road. While the guys were grinding up on Towne Pass, Pete and I were taking pictures of the ghost like white shrouded statuettes of the Last Supper sculptured in 1984. Made out of plaster and to weather proof, coated with fiberglass. I have always wanted to see the Last Supper. Driving through the ghost town was very eery.. I definitely wouldn' t want to be there during the dark or night. The statuettes might come alive.BBBooooo!!!! AaaaHHHH!!! We then left and drove towards Stovepipe Wells. We thought maybe we will be able to see the guys, but, no sight of them yet. We finally got to town, checked in our bags and bikes and calculated what time the guys might get to Stovepipe. Since it was almost 5pm, we decided to head towards Furnace Creek. About 1/2 a miles into the drive, We saw a familiar truck (kuya ricky's truck) and 4 guys on the side of the road.. It was THEM!!! They made it. They were close to the Sand Dunes. Kuya Ricky's was standing behind his truck, his head was slumped on his back truck bed door as if he was ready to hurl (throwup, upchuck)..Nope...It was his knees giving up on him..He said "That's it! I'm done" I gave him a hug and said "Congratulation's Kuya Ricky, you redeemed yourself." They rode 78 miles. Both Kuya Ricky and Vince called it a day but Manny on the other hand, was still feeling fresh and decided to ride all the way to Furnace Creek with 2 personal SAG support vehicles. He said those Powerbar round blocks Francis was giving out gave him so much energy, he had to finish the ride. Manny arrived Furnace Creek in the neck of time before it got really dark. He was so excited to get the ride done, he was even thinking about maybe doing the double on Saturday. We all had dinner at Furnace Creek. Post ride recovery food for some and carbo-load for me, Pete and Francis. We stayed at Stovepipe Wells Friday night. Two 2double bed rooms. Friday riders slept in one room and the Double Centurion riders slept in the other with a common door to the friday riders. Kinda cool, everyone were going back and forth from one room to another. Francis slept like a log on his bed by the window, he was out like a lightbulb. Pete on the other hand, slept on the floor, took a sleeping pill to get his good night sleep. As for me, tossed and turned for abit while the TV was still on but yet had a pillow over my head. I said to myself "this is useless". Got up, turned the TV off put 2 pillows over my head because I didn't know where the snoring was coming from, either the double cent room or the friday riders room.
We woke up at 4am, ate, donned our Adobokit, put our gears and bike on my car and drove to Furnace Creek.
We were in the second start wave, 6:10am. There were lots of riders eagered to start. But the volunteers controlled the wave starts pretty well. Once we took off, slight climbing began. The pace was slightly faster than I anticipated. That was okay, since the first stop was at 17miles (badwater). Hung with Francis and Pete but once another rider passed us, a chase began by Pete and there goes Francis as well. I said to myself "DAMN.. If this is the way it's going to be all day, I'm not going to finish the ride". I stucked to my plan and just stayed with a group of riders with a doable pace and drafted and conserved.
The Volunteers for AdventureCorps are awesome, the best. Roving Vehicle with a loud speaker playing an upbeat music would go up and down the road.. The volunteers at some sagstop would take your bike from you while you refuel. It was like a bike valet service. It was great. Each sagstops had tons of food, beverages, ice and hammer products. Major climbing began at mile 45. Francis and I rode a comfortable pace total of 20 miles of climbing with a downhill break at after 10 miles of climbing. Pete on the other hand didn't want to stay on his saddle too long so he would take off, sacraficing his legs to save his ass from hurting. We would regroup at each sagstop.
While still climbing at mile 60, up ahead coming from the opposite road towards us were a few riders stretched out coming back from Shashone. They flew by going what felt like 50mph. Tucked so low, all I can see was the bike. It was Michael Emde, who flew by first (2009 508furnace creek winner) and other riders following him behind. I looked at Francis and my mouth dropped. They have already done around 95miles and we were still climbing at 60 freekin miles.. Shook my head and I said to myself "I guess they will not be needing any night lights since they will be back at furnace creek while the sun is still high".DANG BULLET FAST RIDERS!! After the Sagstop at Shashone, climbing began again. Climb, climb, climb was what I remember from this ride. We caught up with the tandem riders George and Brandy donning an everest challenge polko-dot jerseys. Climbed along with them for a bit while Francis and Pete took off. They were telling me how tandem riding is much much harder than solo riding. Coordination, compatibility, concentration, balance and patiences are what you need to have to ride a tandem. Once in a while George would do a count down and he then would say up and they would be off their saddle in syncrony for I would say about 10-15 pedal strokes until they sat down again. Climbing on a tandem is hard , anyone can catch up to a tandem on a climb, but when it comes down to DOWNHILL, make room because they can descend faster than Michael Emde over 50mph.. SCCAARRRYYY!!
We regrouped at mile 100. Did the usual, fill up water bottles, get food, use the bathroom and then take off. The problem I had after this sagstop was forgetting both my waterbottles!!!! I didn't realized it until my watch timer went off (goes off every 10mins to remind me to drink) looked down and "What the @#$%??? I forgot my water bottles." Luckily I was still behind Pete and Francis. I told them and they shooked their head. It was awesome of them to give me each of their water bottles.
At this point Pete like always, didn't want to stay on his saddle so he accelerated along with Francis and I tried to hang on with them. I remember William telling me, "At each sagstop, you eat and then ride comfortably so you don't get a side stitch" Well, that Sidestitch creeped on my side to the point where I couldn't hang on with the guys. Slowed myself down and rode with a group that was behind us. Once my sidestitched disappeared, I took off to try to chase Pete and Francis. No can do.. They were too far.. I found myself riding by myself for over I think 15 miles. Lunch stop was at Badwater. Francis and Pete got my waterbottles from the volunteer. Francis gave me a lecture like I was a little kid. Lesson Learned.. "Focus and prioritize yourself" he said to me. This is where we would pick up our headlights. Francis gave me 15mins to eat and to set my lights. So that I did. We then took off and rode together. This time at a much comfortable pace since we stuffed our faces with Subway sandwiches. Rollers and lots of them at this point of the ride. A problem came about when I noticed my headlight was wiggling from my handlebar.. DAMN.. I lost the screw from the clamp. I thought I tightened it well but I guess I didn't. Told Francis and he shook his head again.. I felt stupid at this time.. "What the heck is going on with me, first my water bottles, then a side stitch, now I can't use my lights.""AARRRRGGGhhh.. LUCKILY I had my other backup headlight I had from the morning that I didn't use..WWHEEEWWW!!!
We got to Furnace Creek mile150 at 5:50pm. Francis told Vince that we would arrive there around 6pm. It was great to see Kuya Ricky, Manny and Vince. They just got done sightseeing at Ubehebe Crater and the surrounding areas. They treated us like royalty. They would say "what do you need, I'll get it for you, let me hold your bike, I'll fill your water bottles for you, what else do you need" WOW what a treat.. The only NONtreat was seeing the first finishers like Michael Emde and other bullet fast riders lounging around comfortably on a grassy area and finding out they have been lounging around for a couple of hours. And there we were at Furnace Creek with 50miles to go. I didn't let that get to me. 25 miles to StovePipe get my coke and cup-noodles and then turn around 25 more miles and Walla DONE.!! It was the darkest ride I have everdone. No moon, pitchblack but AWESOME. I found myself stargazing. I loved riding at night. I didn't know what was up ahead so there was no hill Anticipations, why? because you can't see them ahead, too dark but you can feel it on your legs.
The last 25 miles felt like I have only been riding 50miles. My legs felt great. I was on my big chain ring most of the time.
We got to the finish at 9:40pm. We did the last 50 miles in 3hrs 40mins including stops. We were greeted with the Cow Bell Rings and a Shoutout by the Volunteers "Great Job!!" and by Chris Kostman "Great Job ADOBOVELOS!!!"
Pizza and sodas awaited but I only had a couple of bites from Pete's Pizza. At this point, I couldn't think anymore, the rest of the night was a fog. The restaurants were closed so we headed back to Stovepipe and ate left overs. Had a good night sleep and then took off the next day.
We caravaned to Badwater. Took pictures and drove the route all the way to Shashone. Had lunch at the Greek Restuarant at Baker and celebrated Kuya Ricky's birthday. Lunch was on him. Thanks Kuya Ricky.

Great hard double and to top it off, a weekend spent not only with great riders but great friends.