Saturday, June 28, 2008

Victor's Report 6/28 Encanto-SealBch

Report by Victor Dakila

(Editor's note: What a day for VIctor and Manny: Broken spoke, slashed sidewall, 3 flats, and mom on cruiser crashing into wall)

--- In, "Victor" wrote:

Manny and I missed the Liberty guys. We were late rolling out of Encanto so we did not get to Liberty in time. Saw Arnold "Kapatid" and two others going north on the trail, perhaps to Turnbull.

We did good time getting to Seal Beach and still felt pretty fresh. Manny and I decided to head back and climb to at least East fork.

We were hauling ass on the way back with Manny pulling most of the way up. We were almost at Beverly then ran into some glass. Manny was able to swerve away from it but broke a spoke in the process. I cut up my tire pretty bad (First flat of the day). Put a new tube in, but got another flat one mile up (2nd flat). Then another flat about 5 miles up (3rd flat).

Some riders stopped by to help out. Sold me a new tube plus a small piece of cut out tire to help cover the cut on my tire. No more flats all the way to Encanto.

We just cruised back but on one of the tunnels this lady with her daughter were riding the opposite direction. We yelled 'rider up' but this somehow caused her to panic and crashed into the wall inside the tunnel. I swear to God I did not touch her. She just panicked. She was OK though but I felt somewhat responsible. Anyways, we still managed to get in 75 miles. Now to the bike shop to get new tires and tubes.

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