Sunday, June 15, 2008

Arden's June 13-14 San Diego Report

Arden's Report:

Got some motor-pacing time with Coach Mark Whitehead at the track last Friday afternoon, June 13 in San Diego. This was to familiarize ourselves with each other. I survived the "session" on a lighter gear and he actually sped it up even more on the last set where I was spinning my legs off the pedals! There where 2 others of his trainees that showed up so it was a good session with them. Another reason why I went to his training session is also to get familiar with the track as all velodromes are different.

Go to my in-laws before 8pm and luckily got to bed at an hour after but had a hard time getting to sleep. Got up at 5am and arrived at the meeting place a few minutes before MMCCs started to show up (I think I was the closest anyway). Edgar arrived next, clad in ADOBO Velo Kit, and it felt good after seeing that. I'm bad in names so I won't mention some but MMCC folks are all good people. They knew that I rode the night before, so they always had someone behind me and telling me what's on the next turn, especially Sammy. My hill climbing weakness was exposed, I was dropped easily. Their strong man actually went back to make sure everyone was ok. This is actually the first time I witnessed the "no-one-gets-left-behind" moto being done (maybe because I was always behind). It even happened on the way back on the flats when I started cramping! We finished off by having lunch at Tita's Restaurant.

One thing I learned about Raffy on the downhill: He can draft closely on a fast downhill (which I think its an amazing skill) and tuck-in for an aero position, but you'll always be faster than him. So if you want to make a move on him, do it on a downhill!

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