Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ride Report June 15 Father's Day

Rosalie's report:

The Duarte Boys came out to play again: Pete, Francis and Mang El and also William "Legstrong", Victor, Kuya Ricky, Mandy, Manny and myself, and Felix (who showed up but rode to E. Fork instead).

Today's rider of the day, with an IMPRESSIVE showing beyond expectation, goes to KUYA RICKY. His polka dot KOM Colnago was jealous of Ricky's other bike, the Championship De Rosa, so the KOM Colnago showed Kuya Ricky what he was missing. The name says it all. Kuya Ricky was the KOM of the day.

Kuya Ricky passed 3 unknown riders and accumulated 30 pts (10 points for each rider overtaken). Victor got 10 points with the help of "domestique" Legstrong, who did Deo's job today pushing a few riders up Big GMR. Awesome for having an aluminum bike. It's not the machine, it's the RIDER: Lungs and Legs. Well the MACHINE helps too. Francis lent his DeRosa to William on the last 2 miles of the Hwy 39 climb. And "man, oh, man", Legstrong took off like a sling shot. Pete chased after him, but this time did not catch up.

After the ride, where else, the "well known to everyone by now" BANANA LEAF. I think we consumed more calories than burned. Once again, Great Ride Guys.

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