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ADOBO Velos swarming and snaking up Fargo Hill Climb!

Last March 15, a few of our ADOBO Velos participated in this extreme event. Few members showed up to witness the event and cheered our fellow riders snake up this steep climb. Oh, that pic above, that was Manny Amit doing a STRAIGHT climb... IMPOSSIBLE! To add to the craziness, Astig Elardi up’ed the pressure with some cash bonuses. Here's Willliam mixing it up with the other participants...
Here’s El's post at the Yahoo Group... To all members of the ADOBO Velo gang that will make to the top of Fargo Hill Street today will WIN $5 from me. And to those that may climb more than 5 times may have a bonus of a dollar per climb. This is just for fun and to challenge our riders. Wish you all the luck!!! Be cautious!!
Naturally, my sprinting fingers started typing to clear up what he just posted: Wow, El! You are giving good incentives for our aspirants! Thank you! When you say win, is it as winning with the most number of climbs of an ADOBO Velo in the event, or the most number of climb between a participating ADOBO Velos only. Good luck to all FHC participants!!!!
So that morning came. Cyclists of all kinds climbing the steepest street of LA. Above is Jesse Agrezor snaking up the steep street with his full ADOBOkit, as a first timer and eventually the 2nd place finisher! Spectators where cheering, more ADOBO Velo jersey’s snaking up the road, and Time Warner reporters interviewing and creating a story of the event. You will see this pic in action from their video.
It seemed like the cheers from the spectators were loud enough to irritate the neighborhood, so the cops where called in and they eventually stopped the event at around noon. Where's the noisy crowd you might ask? Well, more likely at the top and at the bottom of the street. Rude crowd I tell you! As you can see Francis, his kids, and Rosalie trying hard to look innocent! And the cops looking serious and thinking of what they should do. And still in disbelief like this doesn't happen every year!
If the event wasn’t stopped by the LA's Finest , the number of climbs could have been higher!

Here’s the results:
Rosalie Kneebone- 16 climbs (1st place, New Women’s Record)
Doug Kubler 30 climbs - 1st place
Jesse Agrezor- 26 climbs (2nd place, ADOBO Velo, ASTIG Ride)
William Aligue- 23 climbs (3rd place, ADOBO Velo, 2008 CoTY)
Pete Primavera- 19 climbs (4th place, ADOBO Velo)
Steve Gilmore 11 climbs (record holder of 101 crazy climbs). Looks like he was conserving for the afternoon but cut short!
Alain Giaimo (Santa Clarita Velo) - 7 climbs on his road bike
Gerard Gabrang- 3 climbs
Manny Amit- 2 climbs
Mandy Genato- 1 climb (3rd place but in a different category!)
Lito Aralar - Climbed 3/4 of the distance and attempted many times.

And our spectators: Dennis Evangelista, Mary Raffety and friends, Jun Usi and family, Jun Grape, Juliet Agrezor, Cookie, Manolito, Wilson Blas, Elardi, Santa Clarita Velo riders and family, San Fernando Valley Bike Club, Dock Riders Bike Club, LA Wheelmen and much more.

As expected, Mang El’s post days before triggered some replies and here’s one from Rosalie who mentally prepared for this event… “Mang El... I think you will go broke...but you’re lucky because the cops came and stopped the Fargo Hill Climb Challenge, boohooo!"

Naturally, thanks to our spotters. Dennis, Manolito and Pete for helping our mountain goats!

Here’s a post event report copied from LA Wheelmen’s Fargo Hill webpage…

It's only one block long, but Fargo Street, with its 32% grade, equals the steepest street incline in Los Angeles. Our annual event challenges all comers to see if they can make it up on a bike, and if so, how many times in one day. Here are the 2009 results:

60 riders signed up, 46 riders completed the climb.
Oldest Rider: Doug Kubler at 64 climbs. (Is that a typo?)
Youngest Rider: Andrew Karnes at 12 climbs.
New woman's record: Rosalie Kneebone at 16 climbs.
Most climbs: Doug Kubler at 30 climbs.

In 2008, Steve Gilmore set the men's record of 101 ascents, which took him 9 hours.
Rosalie Kneebone's 16 this year is the women's record, surpassing her 12 in 2008.

Could have been a goal of 22 climbs if the event wasn’t stopped!

Here's some nostalgia and great mechanical engineering!As part of the plan and since this event was also tagged as Tour De Francis VI Stage 1 by our TdF Director Francis Ignacio, the opportunity was made to have a fundraising event for Dennis Evangelista as he will be participating at the Aids/Lifecycle 7-day 545-mile ride from SF to LA this coming May 31 to June 6. We hope for the best, Dennis! There will be plans to escort him on his last day of the ride. Website:

So to add insult to injury since the event was stopped, El Prez was asking who called the cops! As far as everyone knows, we think El did.... so he can lessen the give-away cash!

So with the event done, the praises followed immediately. I tell you, if not for the power of the internet, we won’t be able to gather up a story like this!

Henry posted this as a FARSTOP! (Changed “Far-go” to “Far-stop”) and was also encouraging everyone to Turnbull for a different version of FHC. Yup, we’ve been there and that’s a tough one! You can actually flip backwards too if you pull on your handlebar too much.

From Ryan... I prepared my mtb, even changed it with sleek tires for Fargo Hill Climb but woke up at 3 in the morning with terrible knee pains. I wanted to go but I knew I won’t be able to ride. I can’t even walk up that hill so I decided to stay home. Anyway, congrats to those who tackled this grueling height.

From Fixie Gil… 16X!!! AWESOME!!! Congratulations 'Adobo Chick' and all the Adobo Velos!!!
From Dong…Congrats to each participating Adobo Velos! For future reference, what gears did you use? “Granniest gears you have... MTB with 22x34t is what I used”, said Darna. I think she meant chainring at 22t and 34t for the cog!!

Fargo Hill Webpage:

Photo and videos by Mary Raffety:

Pics from Dan Wyman:
Dan, I used some of your photos. I hope you don't mind. Thanks.
And the video from Time Warner. You'll see the ADOBO Velos snake up this %$#@^p road!

You can also check our Picasaweb album for photos and Jesse’s you tube for videos. There’s probably more posted in the web somewhere so just keep checking.
Now I wonder about El's payout. So there's a win from Rosalie (ca-ching) and a little less than hundred total climbs from all ... so that totals to... (ca-ching, ca-ching... ca-ching) Hey, that's some money! Balato naman d'yan!
Thanks and happy climbing!

- Arden (The no- show!)

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