Thursday, April 2, 2009

The 3rd Double Century that Rosalie earned for the right to be a 2009 California Triple Crown Cyclist!

Winners of the prestigious California Triple Crown are the elite long distance bicyclists in California since they have completed at least three Double Centuries in the calendar year. Each of the rides is a major adventure in itself and are among the best rides you'll find anywhere in America!! And at this early part of the year, Rosalie finished the first three double centuries strong: Camino Real, Death Valley Double Centuries, and then this, Solvang Spring Double Century (beginning excerpts taken from CA Triple Crown website)

- Congratulation to Rosalie for an impressive finish at the Solvang Spring Double Century in 13:30 and rolling time of 11:45. Wow... Thank you to F.A.C.T for escorting Ms. Darna to her Triple Crown finish. Lipad Darna lipad. Francis I.

- Simply AMAZING!!!! That is one (X3) super accomplishment. Only 3 months into the year! WOW. Congratulations again. Frank N.

- That is absolutely SUPER! Great Job Rosalie Darna! My Hero! Ed M.

- KILLER!!!...Lipad high and don't look back! Great job Rosalie! You are our hero, Darna!... Gil

- Yes Rosalie, congrats once again your the BEST it looks like it's going to be a year of many accomplishments for u, (u go girl). Arnold I.

- Congratulations, Rosalie! You are one heckuva cyclist - wish you more laurels to come! Albert J.

- This is the earliest in the year to earn a Triple Crown! Well deserved, Darna! That goal was reached because of your determination. There's still another 9 months before the X'mas Party, do I smell COTY already!? What you did was amazing and should be recognized by California Cycling and the rest of the Pinoy cycling here, back in the Philippines, and the WORLD! Congratulations! Arden

Here's Rosalie’s Solvang Spring Double Ride Report:

Thanks everyone!!! I can't believe it myself!! If I didn't ride with F.A.C.T / Fresno Cycling Club members, Tito Geronimo, Vince (F.A.C.T President), Tom, occasionally w/ Mr. Q. (F.C.C. President) and Tom, I would still be out there in the dark. It was Tito and Tom's first Double.

Got to the start at 4:45 am. I looked at everyone to see if I knew some familiar faces. I saw 2 guys who looked Filipino wearing Fresno Cycling Club Jerseys. Went up to them and asked them "Are you Filipinos?" They said yes, and I introduced myself being with the ADOBO Velo and the only one riding the double. One guy asked me, "So is your group coming up to do the Fresno Ride next weekend, did you get the email I sent to your group?". A light bulb flashed on my head, I asked "Wait, are you Tito Geronimo?" He said yes! He then introduced me to Dr. Vince, President of FACT who by the way pulled the group 85% of the time. Dang Fast Pull, I had my share of pulling as well.
The weather was great and the SAG support was excellent. They didn't run out of food nor beverages. The weather was fantastic, cold start but sunny comfortable all day long 60-70 degrees.

I saw Keith Brodsky pull in at mile 120 (lunch stop). He started at 7:30 am (for time) with other haul ass riders. He came up to where we were sitting and said "hi!". He downed a regular coke, picked up a subway sandwich and other goodies, stuffed it in his jersey while eyeing other riders who rode with him and then they all took off. Five fast minutes of refueling. I also saw Steve Gilmore, 101 Fargo Hill Climb record holder. Saw him also at the El Camino Real Double, Fargo and now Solvang Double. Saw Alain Gaimo of Santa Clarita Velo before the last SAG stop mile 177. He tapped my shoulder as he passed by and I yelled "GIAMO!!!" I forgot his first name for a second and then yelled out "GO ALAIN!!" He was riding alone going for time as well. Dang, fast rider!

I was looking forward to the cup o noodle at the last sag stop. They had it but they didn't prepare it because they were saving it for the night riders. The sun was still high and it was still fairly warm, so another peanut butter jelly (4th one) for me. The last 5 miles was fast and furious. Fast descend on drum canyon all the way to Buellton. Legs felt great excited the ride was coming to an end. My eyes welled up with tears knowing it's my 3-PEAT DOUBLE and a California Trip Crown FINISHER... Now I know how William felt from his last years 3-PEAT DOUBLE. I was so excited I even sprinted to the finish at 6:30 pm.
The sun was still high and I can't believe I had to haul my 2 headlights I didn't use and one battery, plus bars and gels I didn't eat that was in my High Tail (saddle bag) .. LESSON LEARNED… Don't bring too much food. I didn't know that all SAG support will be fully stocked.
After the ride, The guys and their wives invited me for dinner at AJ Saloon Steak House. SIRLOIN STEAKS for everyone. We reminisced the ride and celebrated Tito and his wife Leila's Anniversary.

Total time -13 hrs 30 mins
Rolling time - 11 hrs 45 mins

Until the next DOUBLE (2 more) .... KOM CHALLENGE… Here we come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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