Friday, August 22, 2008

Pinoy Pride racing this weekend at ADT Championships

We are inviting you to watch our Pinoy Pride race this weekend at ADT Championships. Former World Cup and international competitors Wilson Blas and Steve Pelaez will be at the velodrome to duke it out with other tracksters on the Time Trials, Keirins, Points Race, and Match Sprints (not confirmed).

I will try my luck on Sunday at the Match Sprints as I consider this as a tune-up race for Masters Nationals in 2 weeks. Bobbit from Arizona will be here with the ADOBO velos and may race also.

Steve together with his friend traveling from San Francisco will arrive Friday afternoon and will ride the track that same evening (6-9pm). I may stop by that night to meet them, then Saturday noon just to see whats going on..... part of the sprinter's mind game.

Our Olympian Deo Asuncion is also invited as our adviser.

Please spread the word out and bring your cameras....

Visit this link to see the event schedule:



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AdoboVelo Wire Service said...

Sunday races have concluded as witnessed by Rosalie, Tod, Deo, Al V., and Wilson's wife. Steve and Wilson competed in the 60-lap Scratch Race where Steve had another strong day of racing . Steve and I made it into the seeding for the match sprints where he made it into the semi-finals and me into the repecharge (5th to 8th place). My 2 setbacks were sponges were unexpectedly used for the 200 meter TT. This slightly affected my time but was just happy to make it into the seeding (top 8) as there were 15 sprinters trying to qualify for the event. 2nd was getting paired with the strongest sprinter in the quarter-finals who eventually won the Match Sprints. Steve on the otherhand didn't had any problems and was still strong despite his busy week, long road travel here and yesterday's racing.

This 2-day event turned out to be a tough National Qualifier as strong Cat 1/2 tracksters throughout California raced very strong.

Results are posted. Here's the link:

Till then.