Wednesday, February 11, 2009

LAVRA Cup TT and Omnium (Series 1) Post-Race Report

ADT Event Center's First series of Omnium of the year started well. Time trials were held in the morning and an Omnium later in the afternoon. This series consists of 5 TTs and Omniums that is scheduled over the next few months. To be eligible for the LAVRA Cup, the rider must participate in all the same TTs and /or Omniums. So this means, everyone who competed last Saturday has the chance to win the Cup. This also turned out to be an important event if you are aiming for the Cup, as the overall winner will receive a trophy and a jersey. Example: Wilson raced the Cat1/2/3 Omnium and I raced the flying 200M, 500M time trials, and Master's 40+ Omnium. So in a way, we are stuck with those races but can still participate in all other races. So far so good! All other stronger riders who did not show up and starts competing later means they are not in contention for the Cup. So let's hope that we can be there for the whole series.

That day started really early preparing for the TTs. Unloading all your gear, prepping-up to get on the track, registration, hoping to get someone pin your race number properly, and your warm-ups. Found out I was the first off the line to do the Flying 200M TT, with another 19 trackies after me. So far, preparing up to that moment was just as planned. The sprint itself felt fine and had lots of time resting for the 500M TT. I didn't have any problems changing to a different wheelset and gear ratio as I was the 5th person off the gate. This event is not my specialty but I can get used to it. My gear turned out to be lighter than I expected but still managed a decent result. This 2-lap sprint off the gate felt endless as I was pushing the bike hard all the way to the finish. After cooling down, I immediately prepared to go home for some decent meal and much needed rest. I tell you, I felt refreshed after I returned for the Omnium! Just the kind of break I needed! Here's a nice pic of the Velodrome with an ADOBO Velo in the mix.

The afternoon Omnium was another hectic beginning as the dugout was packed and no where to mark your spot. My area in the morning was taken when I returned and I ended up with someone else's spot. I guess it was a domino effect. Wilson was there ready to race and was scheduled for Cat1/2/3 Omnium with 4 races: a 70-lap Points Race, 20-lap Tempo Race, Miss N'Out, and lastly a 20-lap Scratch Race. I was scheduled for Master's 40+ Omnium with 3 races, Miss N'Out, a 15-lap Scratch Race and lastly a 30-lap Points Race. Ayvel, Louie, Rosalie, Oscar, and Gil with his family were there for the festivities. Our races were hard and brutal that it didn't seem we had any decent finishes. Wilson earned points from his 2 races and used all his strength for a tight finish in the last race. It was about the same for my races also. As it turned out, we gave some decent competition and we had some respectable overall finishes. Hopefully you had the chance to see the pictures taken by Rosalie and Louie which are now posted in our picasaweb album. Here's another nice pic! Wilson Blas racing against Justin Williams of Rock Racing during the Points Race.

By the way, the results were just posted and you can see them at ADT's website. Here's some details: Wilson: 4th in the Scratch Race and 6th in the Miss N'Out. Arden: 6th in the Miss N'Out, 5th in the Scratch Race, and 4th in the Points Race. You will be amazed once you see them on-line. Check them out! I myself was amazed… Now it's just a matter of training constantly and compete in the other events. Remember, we have to be there at all other LAVRA Cup events! Here's the results. Many thanks for the members who were there for the moral support and your posts of appreciation!

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