Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tour de Poway PostRide Report

From Louie Rivera:
Oct 5th Tour de Poway offered us a wonderful, cool day. Present was El, Deo, Ed Morente and yours truly. We only did the Metric Century but the route was fast, pretty sights, BIG 7 miles downhill along route 67, patches of recent rain. Four MMCC riders waited for us at the start at around 0720 and headed by Sam, then at the halfway point (34) miles, the rest of the MMCC gang were still there so we rode the rest of the way somewhat together until the last 12 miles where many strong legs and happy feet started hammering, and as usual I fell back and El ended pulling be back to the finish. MMCC group was very nice to us as usual by showing their hospitality and recovery drinks and nutrition (CORONA) included. I should not forget that June from Duarte and Lito from Pasadena both did solo 100 MILES and the two of them have not seen each other along the way. Hey Lito you've got 40 miles on us.

From Mang El:
That was a good ride & I enjoyed much....... thanks to all MMCC guys especially for the punishment. I remember Sammy kept saying "we'll take it easy" then I always found out I was running out of breath... he'll kept up the pace to his high speed & will tell me "this is how we do it in Fiesta Island". How fast are we doing? I could only guess.. seems to be on the higher 25mph... actually I had a hard time keeping up with these guys... walang habag! pinatulan kami ni Deo. Sammy, you guys are much much better now... I couldn't even go in the front to take my share by pulling the group so I ended up watching from behind with Louie, he he.. keep it up MMCC guys.See you saturday.... ......... .

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