Monday, March 16, 2009

Louie Rivera and daughters at Solvang Century

Solvang Century just happened this past Saturday and I did not bump into any of the ADOBO Velos! I know most of us have our own priorities! But to give you report, it was awsome. Every year doesn't seem to be the same. The weather could have been better but 40's at the start, felt 50's at noon, and quite comfortable at the end. Basicallyit was cloudy and the sun showed up may be total of 30 min. My daughters rode with me to the halfway point at Santa Maria but they thought they were only doing half a century. They actually did 59 miles and change.
All in all no, incidents of flat tires, mechanical or crash. I have a lot to be thankful for. Oh, no cramps for my daughters either. I guess the cool weather helped. I completed the last 40 miles by myself but I met the group of Pinoys from Fresno. They were telling me that we are all invited at Padyakan sa Fresno in early April. Ballard Road was rough and needed repair. I thought it was giving my frame an acid test! That's all folks... MISSED YOU ALL!

- Louie

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Christine said...

It was a great ride Dad! Your daughters are very proud of you and to share this experience was great! I wasn't sore, just felt accomplished! Couldn't have done it without your encouragement and patience...Daughter #1 LOL!