Monday, September 29, 2008


Happy Birthday Video

Happy B-day and it was a great party. All the food were great and hit the right spot and the right time after climbing PV hills! Please extend our thanks to the wife for the delicious posole, fruits, and flan!
I second that notion, hum good, ramon please thank the wife 2x's for us. Kapatid

From GIL:
Happy B-day Ramon!!!...KILLER post ride spread and an unsurpassed hospitality by you,your wife and daughters - as usual...

Pictures are posted in

Ditto That!!! That was a great turn out. 17 riders all in all. Thanks Ramon and Fabulous Family for your generous pre and post ride food. Sorry you got sucked into riding hills Kapatid.. I guess if they told wouldn't have ridden and missed all the fun.. Your stories of todays riding experience from beginning to end was so hilarious.. my stomach was hurting from laughing so hard.. Now we know who your back seat rider/driver is..hehe. New hill to try besides Granado and it's much longer and steeper is CROWNVIEW 17% for 1mile...YIKES. . Luis Pita, Aaron, Rosalie, Ed Morente, Mang El and Lito made it all the way up to the summit..

The Chicken Pozole was so delicious and just how I remembered it from last year. This year, I also tried the Pork Pozole..WOW just as delicous. Dennis took most of the good meat/fat and bones, Ed M. and I were stealing the meat from his bowl. Hope you didn't mind Dennis.
From Mang El:
To those of you that didn't make it to Ramon's b-day, you didn't know what you miss. We had a lot of fun just riding thru the foggy morning.. then when the sun came out we were rolling the nice scenery of Palos Verdes, beautiful place. I don't even remember the streets, I was bz watching the views & beautiful houses. We tried to climb the hills that they were climbing (just want to make sure how steep) he he.. steeper than my backyard but too short.When we got back to Ramon"s place.. like what Rosalie said.. No wonder why Rosalie didn't miss this ride.Thank you Don Ramon, wife & daugther for your hospitality.Soup (Pazole) was delicious & what else? Comaradarie was the best.Pictures were evedent of the ride & post ride.Good pictures... Robert.
From Ryan:
Happy Birthday Don Ramon, sorry I missed the post ride B-day celebration I woke up late and ended riding by myself from my place to Encanto yesterday. Sounds like everybody had fun at your villa.

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